Cultivated with care in Pennsylvania

Nestled in Duncannon, PA along the Appalachian Trail is our 65,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Premium grade medical cannabis is cultivated in environmentally controlled rooms to ensure optimal plant transpiration, health, and quality; Various forms of medical marijuana are then manufactured in our pharmaceutical-grade laboratory by our team of highly skilled professionals.

Each strain cultivated at our state-of-the-art facility is lab-tested and examined for product suitability, which considers the strain’s sub-species, as well as the general terpene composition. Our grow facility is committed to cultivating our cannabis with quality genetics and enhancing the plant’s structure by utilizing the tools of our intelligent indoor facility. PA Options for Wellness’ team of passionate cultivators carefully attend to each plant to optimize scent, flavor, and potency for a purer cannabis crop—yielding a clean, premium crop.

Your Medical Marijuana journey is personal. Your qualifying condition, your product preferences, your dosage requirements – are all personal. Therefore, we promise to offer you meticulously chosen products of the highest quality that are personalized for your specific needs.